It’s not often that you come across four, normal 17 year olds who are passionate about making a lasting difference in the community.

Rosie, Freddie, Sol and Siam have taken it upon themselves to make sure that their product will have a benefit to people in need of support by giving a percentage of their profits to homeless charities in the UK.

“We all grew up admiring our parents, who work day in day out to ensure that we have a roof over our heads, food, heat, hot water and the things that we need to be happy.

We are all lucky enough to have never had to experience being without these necessities, so each of us feels a real passion to do our bit to help those people who don’t have it.

With Wash Wizard we have the opportunity to actually make a difference and we are definitely going to make the most of it.”

Wash Wizard is ideal for
Festivals Blue Dot Camping Blue Dot Travellers Blue Dot Commuters Blue Dot Sports Blue Dot School trips

Complete Body Wash Sponge
Just Add a Dash of Water

Blue Dot Bullet 1  Unwrap
Blue Dot Bullet 2  Splash with Water
Blue Dot Bullet 3  Squeeze to Activate
Blue Dot Bullet 4  Get Washing
Blue Dot Bullet 5  No Need To Rinse
Blue Dot Bullet 6  Air Dry

Hypoallergenic &
Fragrance Free

Contains Moisturising
Aloe Vera

100% Recyclable
(including packaging)

How to use your Wash Wizard


  • Activate your wash wizard with clean water. This could be bottled water, tap water, rain water, river water, well water. The more water you add, the more foam you will get.
  • Squeeze repeatedly to activate the soap and Aloe Vera in your wash wizard.
  • After washing, rub the foam into your skin. No need to towel dry.
  • Recycle the sponge and the wrapper in a recycling bin.


  • Activate your wash wizard with beer, wine or spirit or any alcoholic beverage
  • Eat your wash wizard
  • Throw it where you shouldn’t

Meet The Wash Wizard Team

Freddie Webb

Freddie Webb

Rosie Hooper

Rosie Hooper

Siam Tongsom

Siam Tongsom


Sol O’Driscoll

Contact The Team at Wash Wizard

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